The Smoker Glows

2 Nov

Coloured in Photoshop incase I made a balls of it in real life. Just realised I missed a bit between the legs there..

Still. Breakfast fags. Deadly buzz.

And the proof:

This is getting to be quite fun.



20 Oct

I’m not entirely happy with the rabbit, it looks more like a dinosaur crossed with an alsation, but fuck it. Also the car wheels are shit.

However, it looked like something from an old newspaper and the van looks vaguely old timey so I sepia’d the ass off it for that torn from a newspaper look.

Click for biggening.


The Brush Recovers Without The Gnome

14 Oct


click to embiggen


I thought colour might ruin it.

And the proof..



5 Oct

Hello gooofballs!

This will be up and running in a day or two. I swear.

The premise is to go here in order to find something to illustrate.

I have filled the rest of the pages up there /\ with bits and pieces of shit that I have drawn in the last year, though hopefully as I begin to focus a bit, it’ll all be replaced with better stuff.

I’m working on the design of the site for now though, so that I don’t grow to hate it in the coming months.

I’m also going to do a new header image to replace that one, which is basically just there as a test.