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Beside A Gay Furniture Sneaks An Acting Faith

15 Jan

Some proper social commentary going on in there somewhere I reckon. Continue reading


A Forthcoming Mouse Extends Into The Metal

9 Jan

Mouse. Cheese.Rock.

Mice’s feet actually look like this.

Evolution from birds and dinosaurs init.

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The Smoker Glows

2 Nov

Coloured in Photoshop incase I made a balls of it in real life. Just realised I missed a bit between the legs there..

Still. Breakfast fags. Deadly buzz.

And the proof:

This is getting to be quite fun.


20 Oct

I’m not entirely happy with the rabbit, it looks more like a dinosaur crossed with an alsation, but fuck it. Also the car wheels are shit.

However, it looked like something from an old newspaper and the van looks vaguely old timey so I sepia’d the ass off it for that torn from a newspaper look.

Click for biggening.